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Comprehensive Guide to Our Party’s Vision and Values.

No, because all Hindus must only vote for Ekam Sanatan Bharat. BJP is not a Hindu party and is based on Gandhian Socialism as per their constitution. Like Congress did Pseudo Secularism, BJP has done Pseudo Hindutva. BJP took votes from Hindus but destroyed our temples, implemented Sachar Committee, gave affidavits in Supreme Court saying Hindus are a threat to Muslims, went far beyond Congress appeasement with its triptikaran, did not implement CAA, and made Hindus third class citizens of India who’s throats are cut to slogans of Sar Tan Se Juda and whose festivals are stopped by police.

Ekam Sanatan Bharat is completely different from BJP because our core is not Gandhian Socialism but Sanatan Sanskriti. Many of our issues are not political in any way, but cultural and civilisational.The issue like cow slaughter has been used by BJP and Sangh only to get votes and after coming to power they have given further boost to beef export. According to Sangh leader Ram Madhav, cow slaughter has nothing to do with religion. This shows that BJP/Sangh only does politics on gaumata. Every Hindu knows that cow protection is one of the fundamentals of Hindu Sanatan Sanskriti and we have vowed to completely end cow slaughter and declare cow as a national heritage.

BJP/Sangh are closer to Congress in terms of ideology and persecuting Hindus. The work of demolishing Hindu temples, uprooting idols and erasing the sanctity of pilgrimage areas by making them tourist areas, Ek is fighting to give rights to Hindus over their temples. Our fight regarding Vaishnav Mata Mandir is going on in the court.

We are the only Hindu party and we want to protect the world’s oldest civilisation through constitutional means. All other parties are destroying our civilisation. Ekam Sanatan Bharat’s seven principles/sapt siddhant are constitutional. We believe in the idea of ​​the framers of the Constitution that the entire constitution should be implemented. It has been 75 years since the country became independent, we are celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, but even today large and critical parts of the constitution have not been implemented. Even today all parties are silent on Article-44 and Article-48 mentioned in the Directive Principles of State Policy. Similarly Article-30 is has been applied only unilaterally. We are the only party which wants to fully implement the constitution keeping full faith in the constitution so that true tribute can be given to the makers of the constitution. No Radical Party believes in the Constitution, but our Sapt Siddhant is a kind of a manifesto of full implementation of the Constitution.

The BJP has implemented and made worse every anti national policy of the Congress. There is no difference in these two parties.

When the unconstitutionally created Sachar Committee has been implemented, Justice Balakrishnan panel has been formed to give reservation on the basis of religion in SC/ST trashing the basic principle of the constitution, 30-35% of the country resources and benefits of govt schemes have been given to only 14% of the population in name of triptikaran and pasmandakaran, when the rights of Hindu-majority Jammu have been taken away, when we have lost most land to China after 1962, when Hindu temple money is stolen by government, when our temples are destroyed and our teerths turned into dens of vice, when Hindus are murdered on our streets just for being Hindus, and when the entire political fraternity is completely silent on all this, then the people’s pain spontaneously creates a new party to speak for the long suffering people of India.

Anybody of any nationality or ethnicity who is a practicing Sanatani is a Sanatani/Hindu. They can be a born Hindu, or could have accepted/converted to Hinduism/Sanatan Dharma. They could be Indian, Indian origin, European/White, Black, Asian or any other ethnicity. Any practicing Sanatani in any part of the world regardless of ethnicity and origin is a Hindu/Sanatani. They should self declare themselves as Hindu and not follow any other religion; believe in the shastras like Vedas and Ramayan etc ; believe in the principle of karma and reincarnation; follow Agni sanskar; and should not eat beef. As per the first Siddhant of our Sapt Siddhant all Hindus/Sanatani’s across the world are natural citizens of India and we will work towards giving them dual citizenship of India.

Akhand Bharat would mean an Islamic Akhand Bharat if it is implemented today and that would lead to another Hindu Genocide. Hindus are today treated as third class citizens even in India. Therefore we must deliver equal rights for Hindus in India who are third class citizens and support Sanatani’s all over the world. Our Sapt Siddhant is very clear on this. Our foreign policy manifesto will also give very specific policies to ensure Hindus across the world are supported.

A religion defines a person’s connection to God so yes Sanatan Dharm/Hinduism is 100% a religion. The Indian constitution , UN and laws across the world protects all religions and give freedom of religion and so is Sanatan Dharm protected. It is the greatest and oldest religion of the world and is the third largest religion in the world.

Ex muslims are like any other citizens of India and equal before the law. If any of them want to accept Sanatan Dharma like Jitendra Narayan Tyagi ji then of course we will ensure that they are not persecuted by law like Jitendra Narayan ji was. By implementing Sidhhant 1 – minorities are only those who are 5% and below, we will ensure that special privileges given to the second largest majority which incentivises conversions to Islam are removed.

Our party does not speak on or interfere with any religion including Sanatan Dharma or Islam. That is a matter for religious scholars of each religion. But we want equal rights for all and we do not want Hindus to be third class citizens of India. No one should have special rights. Modi government has implemented Sachar Committee by and even used it in court to say Hindus are a threat to Muslims. Under Modi govt 15% (muslims) get 35% benefit of all schemes. This is unconstitutional and wrong.

Constitution and law is clear – reservations are meant only for Hindus. Yet they are given to Xians and Muslims by all parties especially after Mandal commission which was proposed by Jan Sangh and Morarji Desai in 1979 and implemented by BJP and VP Singh in 1992. As an example, Modi as CM of Gujrat BJP listed huge numbers of muslims and Xians as OBC. All CMs are following Modi’s example. We will stop this.

Ekam believes that the Indian state is hostile to the Indian rashtra ie civilisation. It systematically discriminates against and persecutes Hindus and Sanatan Dharma. This must be stopped and reversed. This is the core of our dharma as a party. We exist to reverse this and we have a very clear agenda via our Sapt Siddhant for this.

As we said, the Indian state is hostile to Hindus and Hindu Dharma. Once that is reversed and equal rights for Hindus is delivered, along with reversal of demographic jihad, all citizens of India will be treated equally by the state.

Ekam proudly proclaims its Sanatan core in its name. Our Sapt Sidhant are a public and unchangeable commitment. We will not compromise an inch on our Sanatan values and Sapt Siddhant. This is a crystal clear public commitment.