Collect Direct Tax from meagre incomes of middle class. Use this money to pay off the Second Biggest Majority disguised as Minority (Triptikaran & Santushtikaran).

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  1. Arun Kumar Bahuguna April 26, 2024

    Who is Anshul Gupta of Ghaziabad vis a vis ESBD? Actually he is contesting for a LS seat from Ghaziabad constituency on the ticket of a new party called राष्ट्रीय जन कर्मठ पार्टी! He has been given the symbol of बांसुरी or Flute! I wish to know if it is an alliance party of ESBD? Do you support it officially? Or is it given the Flute symbol because ESBD itself has not fielded its candidate for Ghaziabad seat? Is it legal to allot a sanctioned symbol of another party to a new party just because the parent party is not contesting in Ghaziabad? My point is this amounts to mislead voters who might vote for Karmath party assuming that ultimately it is helping the ESBD! In that case it amounts to cheating the voters of Ghaziabad.
    Kindly clarify your position. Thanks.

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