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ESBD is not just a party, it is the biggest yagna in the political history of Independent India. By deciding to join the Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal, you have already taken the most-important first step.


Offer your Ahuti to the Yajna

As Ankur ji says, the fight for Dharma will be fought with Artha, and not Anartha. A Yajna needs Ahuti. Please donate generously to the cause of Sanatan using any of the following​ Payment Methods.


Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal shall amend the Constitution to provide that the State of India shall be Constitutionally Bound to ensure & maintain the Sanatan Majority Character of the Country.

Hindu Genocide and Demographic Invasion (Land Jihad & by all other means) shall be declared Crimes against the State which shall through proper legislation be made offences punishable by Death.


Amend the Constitution to define Minority as a community comprising less than 5% of the Country’s population. Declare Bharat as a “Natural Homeland” for all Sanatanis, enabling full Citizenship rights for them.


Ending State/Govt Control of Hindu Temples/Mathas. Keeping the rights of Bhagwan supreme in their temples. Immediate Reconstruction and Re-Establishment of Ancient Sun Temple, Martand Temple in Kashmir; Shree Krishna Janambhoomi at Mathura and Gyanvapi Teertha Kshetra at Kashi (Varanasi).


Keeping the Sanatani identity of all the Himalayan states intact. Separation of Hindu Majority Jammu Province from Kashmir by dividing J&K into 2 Union Territories & reorganizing Jammu Province as a full-fledged Independent State.


Complete Ban on Cow Slaughter. Declare the Holy Cow, Maa Ganga and Shri Ram Setu as symbols of National Heritage, and aim to establish Ram Rajya by removing secularism and socialism that were illegally added to the Preamble of the Constitution.


Immediate Repeal/terminate Waqf Act, Places of Worship Act and Sachar Committee Recommendations; Amend Article 30 of the Constitution of India enabling Hindus to establish and autonomously administer their Educational Institutions. Review and repeal articles, laws and clauses that harm Sanatan culture and civilization. A complete ban on love jihad and conversion.


Holistic Sustainable Development based upon 6 Pillars of Aadhyatam (अध्यात्म), Sanskriti (संस्कृति), True History (सही इतिहास), Social Values (सामाजिक मूल्य) Local Language (स्थानीय भाषा) and Environmental Consciousness (पर्यावरण). Keeping the traditional structure of the Indian Army intact and giving due respect to the soldiers, ex-servicemen and their families while empowering and modernizing the army and police.